Thursday, October 14, 2010

Servlet's Context and Config

For the web container is, Servlet Context Servlet interface defines a context object, this object defines a Servlet Servlet engine on the view. By using this object, Servlet can log events, obtain resources and get the engine from the Servlet class.

Servlet container is loaded at startup web applications and web applications for each Servlet context to create a unique object, could Servlet Context as a Web application server-side component of shared memory, can be stored in the Servlet Context share data, he provides four read and set the shared data. See in particular api help file.

In addition, Servlet Context object only in the web application is closed macro will only destroy, different web applications, Servlet Context independent existence.

A web application from the jsp, Servlet, javabean constitute such a collection of web components, each web application, the container will have a background object, while the javax.Servlet.Servlet Context interfaces provide a way to access the background object. You can be a Servlet examples getServlet Context () method to run them by the Servlet objects in this background, the background object from this you can access the following information resources:

1. Initialization parameters

2. Stored objects in the background

3. The resources associated with the background

4. Log

Finally, Servlet Context is my own conclusion:

Servlet Context Servlet container that is, their method can provide the same Servlet web applications were all under the use of, and for the config object, he is compared with the context, there is a lot of limitations.

When the Servlet Config object in the Servlet has been instantiated for any client to access at any time effective. But a Servlet to Servlet Config object can not be another Servlet access, that is, after a statement in the Servlet Servlet Config can only be accessed within the Servlet, are durable and effective internal variables.

Under one case, for a deep understanding of:

In general, the configuration of the entire application, in order not to use "hard coding" should be configured as Servlet Context parameter, such as character set settings.

................. CharsetGB2312 .................

Note that the above format is only 2.0 standard format after the old container (engine) with service providers own configuration format. Note that it's parent element should be that it is the role of an application.

If only a specific set of parameters Servlet to other Servlet can not be shared, it should be configured as Servlet Config parameters, such as a Servlet to read attachment to the absolute directory to use, while the other Servlet will not be used:

GetAttmail.GetAttServletabsPath / usr / mail / ax / axman / Maildir /

Needless to say, because the label has been specified name and class, this means that only mail.GetAttServlet
Servlet in order to get to the path, while others can not get to the Servlet.

Even before we talk about the attributes of this understanding, let's learn together about how to obtain the parameters of the two objects:

Access Servlet Config parameters:

First of all, to get Servlet Config object, then call it the getInitParameter (); method. To access the Servlet Config object, jsp config directly using built-in objects, but because of your JSP Servlet compiled in general will not be added to the web.xml, so generally not through jsp to take on the JSP compiled Servlet configuration parameters, then the Servlet to get Servlet Config object in two ways:

In inii () method to take to: overloaded method of passing through init

..... Public class Test extends HttpServlet (ServletConfig config; public void init (ServletConfig config) throws ServletException (this.config = config;) ..................)

Then in the following ways to access config object. But to note that in order to ensure construction methods from the config object to the current Servlet should call the parent class constructor:

..... Public class Test extends HttpServlet (ServletConfig config; public void init (ServletConfig config) throws ServletException (super.init (config); this.config = config;) ............ ......)

By getServlet Config () method directly to, the benefits of doing so is not mixing manual transmission properties, can at any time

To obtain.

A third method, it has to implement some interface, not here presented as a general discussion.

To access the Servlet Context object, as long as from the existing Servlet Config object getServlet Context () on it, and then
Call it the getInitParameter () method can access its parameters.

Ordinarily: Servlet Context Servlet Config object scope than the scope, why to get from the Servlet Config in the Servlet Context object? I personally think: container preservation for many Servlet Context object, a request which the container in the end take
To you? It contains Servlet Config take that information to you, that take Servlet Config object's parent object. As if the same HttpSession obtained from requset is taking the request object contains the current session object to you, this is only my personal idea, not had time to look at implementation. Anyway, so use it on.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Farewell babyface, iSee 1 minute to create face-lift effect

1. Start face-lift. Than the first face-lift and fat part of the Department.
iSee Open Figure 1. Select "on the right sidebar" - Portrait beauty - large eyes.

Figure 1

Into the "large eyes" processing interface, select "Zoom document."

Written Size: 27 (written transferred to the appropriate size)

Zoom strength: -32 (to enlarge the intensity to a lower negative)

Figure 2

Part of the circle center near the face-lift inside, click the left mouse button, you can face-up. Proposed to image zoom, can be fine-tuning.

2. Then a little face-lift and fat part of the Department.

Written Size: 27

Zoom strength: -18 (the face-weakened)

Figure 3

Click the left mouse button, the circle center section near the face-lift inside and curvature along the contours of the face to the MM face-lift. This effect is more natural face-lift. Only a minute, babyface really gone. Keep the thin face small V. And dermabrasion whitening look, plus a lovely graffiti, the effect is even more perfect.

Figure 4

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

After the way you do business you're considering?

All along, this is like the common and in many cases, can really be understood. Some, however, the situation is really too bad people incomprehensible.

In a way, the companies take different routes can also be said as a business tool, but I always feel, and everyone is taking the price line, the ultimate victims or themselves. The user is next to smiling at the news.

Take today for instance touch the things, one client said to get another price than my original price of the low half of the tool. I really want to fall down, is not never seen such a thing, but now it is too different

I sell the broker, the space can be imagined, Furthermore, as sales of the brand, and then stupid people know that this is the price of any formal company can not enter the arrival. Not even went into this purchase price, but also about what selling price?

This event has involved many reasons for this: the internal reasons for this brand, and management, as well as domestic production occurs slowly re-tool this brand OEM's are as shoddy.

Depressed, the Chinese people that like to do such a thing. Let me first talk about or against this practice, say then say it to your posterior, today, you produce these shoddy things, has been the so-called profits, how much money you can send it? This business will long it?

Also, markets got this point, you can make the market after luxury forget it? These people really do not understand the point of departure in the end is on what? Market a mess, you have to do is not say no to This brand has to screw up. Well, the Chinese people sad.

In fact, such incidents in the tool sector has long been common, I just want to ask next, in the end are we going? Money? Old saying, gentlemen love money, in a proper way.

Profiteer profiteer, may this evil law, I do not dare to Christine violation.

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Flash MX Overview 1

Macromedia plans to use Flash MX to change the level of Web development. This article reveals how this new version of the mainstream so that Web clients better, and coming as early as possible MX product line information.

Macromedia has just announced version 6 of Flash interactive development environment and player - Flash MX, and Macromedia MX it as a new strategic plan for the military. Macromedia Flash MX provides a client called rich (rich client) stuff, a content, communication and application on the thin client a high degree of inheritance (thin-client) environments. Now, Flash is also just a Web page in the existing functions of integrated multimedia elements, and in the new version, Flash function be greatly expanded, you can use it to create a complete dynamic site, from content display, to database connectivity, and video debugging. The result is that unprecedented, Flash's ability to integrate multimedia authoring, close to the original Web standards.

Flash MX is the new MX product line in the first product released.

Those who used the Flash 1.0 or earlier FutureSplash Animator (Flash's predecessor) who know the key-frame animation, transform, and vector graphics to bring flexibility to the Internet to bring dynamic image delivery, and gave a simple addition to GIF animation outside alternative. Since then, Flash animation tool from a basic to a complete multimedia authoring environment.

The new interface, new workflow

Through careful and complete platform modifications, the current Flash developers for a new interactive development environment, will feel very comfortable. Most notably, Flash MX offers two compiled pattern, a kind of preparation for the designer and the other to prepare for the developer. This change from the role of the professional division of Flash developers - some people work in the heavy ActionSctipt code, while others primarily for graphic design.

Work area looks are independent, such as Action panel and property panel, however, the new views and new functionality can allow the usual Flash workflow more independent. Some special developers will appreciate the Action panel to improve, especially in the interactive development environment up and down the relevant code of new tips and ActionScript reference.

The following are designers and developers view.

Designers view

Developer view

Flash MX also introduced a shared library assets. Users, or both in design and run-time objects can be shared more easily manage the common parts, as well as streaming video itself. For more conducive to a high degree of management in the development of the production environment, Flash MX can be directly and SiteSpring integration, SiteSpring is Macromedia workflow management server, the user can log in and log out the contents of the upgrade status, and let his team do not leave Jiaohu development interface can communicate.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

2009 China will reach 911 million yuan telephone payments

Analysys International, "China's mobile payment market trends, forecasts 2007-2009" Research shows that in 2009 China's mobile payment market will reach 911 million yuan, from 2006 to 2009, the average annual compound growth rate of 57.31%. In addition, the user scale will reach 837 million in 2009, from 2006 to 2009, the average annual compound growth rate of 69.13%.

Affect the future mobile payment market the major factors in B2C e-commerce to promote the development of the main factors, CUP and telecommunications operators to promote smart card phone and other products. Because of the B2C e-commerce payment is the main supplementary payment channels (as the Internet, the supplementary payment) one, with the B2C e-commerce in particular the development of online booking services (average annual growth rate expected in 2006 the year after more than 45%), telephone pay scale will be improved accordingly.

Hinder the future of mobile payment market is the main factor is from the user on the phone to pay to support the types of goods or services, limitations, cost and other competitive channels constitute a powerful alternative to their role.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Copy movie clip

The main content of this tutorial, as the title says, is to copy the movie clip. Copy of course, the film clip can be used in many ways, but one of the most common is to give us a visual effect - mouse tracking. Here began our design steps:

1. Create our film clip

You can select the menu File (file) -> New (New); and then select Modify (modification) -> Movie (film); set the following attributes:

FPS (frames per second image) is 18,
Movie size: 500 X 400 (ie width 500, height 400)
Background: black.

In the main time to process the film, and then insert a layer, and named them MOVIE and SCRIPT. Shown in Figure 1.

(Figure 1)

2. Create the main symbols

You can select Insert (Insert) -> New Symbol (new symbol), or you can shortcut keys CTRL + F8; then will pop up the dialog box, shown in Figure 2, in the Name box Type "GLOBE1", and select "GRAPHIC" as its Behavior (behavior).

(Figure 2)

Re-painted symbols, you can choose "OVAL TOOL" (arrow tool), use the no contour lines and the red / black gradient as the fill. You can draw a first round of any type, it does not matter, because you can come in the INFO tab to change its properties. Shown in Figure 3.

(Figure 3)

Once your circle has been drawn, please use the "ARROW TOOL" (arrow tool) to select the painting circle. INFO tab and type in width 40, height 40, then the X-axis and Y axis position of the location of both the box, type 20, thus ensuring that our circle in the center of the time course. The results shown in Figure 4.

(Figure 4)

3. Create movie clip

You can choose from the menu Insert (Insert) -> New Symbol (symbol), you can also use the shortcut keys CTRL + L. At this time the dialog box will pop up in the Name box, type "CLIP1", and select "MOVIE CLIP" as its Behavior (behavior).

Select Window (window) -> Library (graphics library) or use the shortcut key to open graphics library. The "GLOBE1" graphics from the graphics library in time to pull out onto the course.
The second step used the same method, the graphics center. Then select the time line of the first 18, right click, and pop-up menu, select Insert (Insert) -> Keyframe (key frame) or use the shortcut key F6 to insert keyframe.

Then select the "TRANSFORM" tab, click the "CONSTRAIN" (limited) option. In the "CONSTRAIN" option on the left of the box, type 50%. Figure 5.

(Figure 5)

Then select "EFFECT" tab and select "TINT". Here to ensure that the selected color to black and set the "TINT" is 50%.
The main time line and select the first frame, then select "FRAME" tag, and from the drop-down menu, select TWEENING "MOTION". Shown in Figure 6.

(Figure 6)

Movie clip should now gradually from red into black.

4. Film layer

Now we return to the main movie timeline. In "MOVIE" layer of the first frame will CLIP1 sign a copy of the drag to the time of the process. Select "INSTANCE" tab and in the Name text box, type "CLIP1". Shown in Figure 7.

(Figure 7)

Again the same Figure versatility select the third frame, and select Insert (Insert) -> Frame (frame) or use the shortcut key F5.


5. In the process layer to add the manuscript

In this layer there are three you need to increase the manuscript for their program:

Manuscript of the first frame add the following procedure:

startDrag ("CLIP1", true);

Show the meaning of this statement to tell the first instance of the frame began to drag the symbol named CLIP1. In the fourth step you have already given an example of the symbol named CLIP1. Here produced a copy of a valid CLIP1 symbols.

In the first frame to join:

if (COPYCOUNT> 18) (
duplicateMovieClip ("CLIP1", "CLIP" & COPYCOUNT, COPYCOUNT);

The first line of the above statement assigns a value to the variable COPYCOUNT COPYCOUNT + 1. In the next three rows of symbols to tell the film if the copy CLIP1 more than 18 times, COPYCOUNT re-assigned to 1. So when we drag the mouse can not copy CLIP1 sign more than 18. Fourth line is our implementation of the copy of the statement. Copy CLIP1 duplicateMovieClip command said here sign, it tells a new copy every movie for the CLIP & COPYCOUNT. Another reminder that when the implementation of the second frame when the COPYCOUNT on plus 1, and when COPYCOUNT more than 18 times, the re-set to 1.

In the third frame to add
gotoAndPlay (2);

This command is sent to the second frame to play a role. The implementation of this statement after the re-implementation of the second frame of the statement, the implementation of the second complete frame, then the implementation of the third frame of the statement, so the cycle continues.

If you are not familiar with FLASH in Actionscript, please carefully read the explanation:

Click the "SCRIPT" layer of the first frame, and from the menu in the "ACTIONS" folder, select "STARTDRAG". And in the "TARGET" text box, type "CLIP1", then click the "LOCK MOUSE TO CENTER" option. Shown in Figure 8.

(Figure 8)

Then return to the main timeline and select Insert (Insert) -> Blank keyframe (blank keyframe) or pressing the shortcut keys F7 to insert a blank keyframe to 2 and 3.

Double-click the first two and from the Actions menu, select "SET VARIABLE".

VARIABLE key in the text box as COPYCOUNT, and the VALUE text box, type COPYCOUNT +1, and for the VALUE text box to select "EXPRESSION" option. Shown in Figure 9.

(Figure 9)

From the ACTIONS menu, select "IF" and in the CONDITION the text box, type "COPYCOUNT> 18". Shown in Figure 10.

(Figure 10)

From the ACTIONS menu, select "SET VARIABLE" and a text box, type in the VARIABLE COPYCOUNT, and in the VALUE text box, type 1, and to the VALUE text box to select "EXPRESSION" option. As shown in Figure 11.

(Figure 11)

Next we have from the ACTIONS menu, select "DUPLICATE MOVIE CLIP" text box and type in the TARGET CLIP1, and in NEW NAME text box type "CLIP" & COPYCOUNT, (here also for the text box to select NEW NAME "EXPRESSION" option.) longer DEPTH text box, type COPYCOUNT, as shown in Figure 12.

(Figure 12)

To the current location, and sent every thing done. From the "SCRIPT" third double-layer frame, and from the "BASIC ACTIONS" menu, select "GO TO", amassing FRAME text box, type 2.
Well, now you're done, full of infectious mouse tracking to create became so carefully understand what the process of creation, you will copy the movie clip will have a more profound understanding.

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Christmas-Idea MP4 3GPP2 Deconde

Christmas-Idea MP4 3GPP2 Deconde is a best video and movie converter to MP4 video software! This product offers convert all popular formats to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, MP4 video/ movie, Easy Convert DVD, VCD, SVCD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc. Christmas-Idea MP4 3GPP2 Deconde helps you watch your music videos and movies on your iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone. In addition, you can also extracting audio from movie or music video and converting to iPod supported MP3 file format! Christmas-Idea MP4 3GPP2 Deconde is the fastest Rip DVD movie to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, MP4 video, you can convert almost all kinds of DVD to MP44 format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. Christmas-Idea MP4 Suite supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.