Saturday, September 25, 2010

After the way you do business you're considering?

All along, this is like the common and in many cases, can really be understood. Some, however, the situation is really too bad people incomprehensible.

In a way, the companies take different routes can also be said as a business tool, but I always feel, and everyone is taking the price line, the ultimate victims or themselves. The user is next to smiling at the news.

Take today for instance touch the things, one client said to get another price than my original price of the low half of the tool. I really want to fall down, is not never seen such a thing, but now it is too different

I sell the broker, the space can be imagined, Furthermore, as sales of the brand, and then stupid people know that this is the price of any formal company can not enter the arrival. Not even went into this purchase price, but also about what selling price?

This event has involved many reasons for this: the internal reasons for this brand, and management, as well as domestic production occurs slowly re-tool this brand OEM's are as shoddy.

Depressed, the Chinese people that like to do such a thing. Let me first talk about or against this practice, say then say it to your posterior, today, you produce these shoddy things, has been the so-called profits, how much money you can send it? This business will long it?

Also, markets got this point, you can make the market after luxury forget it? These people really do not understand the point of departure in the end is on what? Market a mess, you have to do is not say no to This brand has to screw up. Well, the Chinese people sad.

In fact, such incidents in the tool sector has long been common, I just want to ask next, in the end are we going? Money? Old saying, gentlemen love money, in a proper way.

Profiteer profiteer, may this evil law, I do not dare to Christine violation.

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